Matthew Fairburn on Arthur Brown Brown can be overlooked at times due to his size Madden 23 coins , however the Miami transfer has the exact skill set teams are looking for in the increasingly competitive Madden NFL 23. Lavonte David and Bobby Wagner broke into the league last season with similar style of play and quickly made an impact with their performances in Tampa Bay and Seattle, respectively.

The Ravens needed to address their middle linebackers following Ray Lewis retired and Dannell Ellerbe departed via free agency. Brown was among the top linebackers available on the table and is poised to make a big impression for the Ravens in his debut season.

Brown is a good tackler who is able to make plays when given an chance. In addition, he's excellent in pass coverage, possessing the ability to keep up with slot receivers and tight ends. His main weakness is likely been his small size when compared against other Madden NFL 23 middle linebackers.

Brown hopes to follow the path in the footsteps of brother Bryce Brown, who the Philadelphia Eagles selected in the seventh round of buy mut coins madden 23
the 2012 draft. Brown transferred from Miami to Kansas State after the 2009 season and was an integral player on the Wildcats in defense following missing the 2010 season.