In all honesty, there are some reasons for players to be optimistic about Dragonlfight's odds of arriving in 2022 WOTLK Gold . Many players have speculated that Dragonflight could be further forward than originally thought due to Blizzard moving resources away from Shadowlands in the last two years and focusing in the next expansion.

Shadowlands is the only expansion within WoW history to receive two content patches throughout its existence. While Blizzard claims that having just two content patches was the goal for Shadowlands, many fans believe a third update (which is standard for expansions) was cut in order that Blizzard could allocate extra development time to Dragonflight.

Fans are also pointing at the possibility that for the first moment in a very long time, Dragonflight won't include complicated "borrowed power" systems , which usually require intensive testing because of their intricate nature. In Legion, this was the case with Artifacts.

Battle for Azeroth was a fan of the well-loved Azerite Gear system while Shadowlands had Covenants. Each of these features included all-new abilities and progression system to every class. But that's not the case with Dragonflight. Although the new expansion will feature new talent trees that are in the style of WoW's initial days for each class, they aren't connected to any other type of new progression system this means they will require less testing than the other expansions that have recently been released.

That could just be wishful thinking, however. Since no players have been capable of testing the alphaversion, it's impossible to buy WOW WOTLK Classic Gold tell what stage Dragonflight is in , or if it's expected to be ready for release before the end of the year. Blizzard has made good on its promise to incorporate more player feedback into WoW's development.